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Project Overview

Far More specializes in Colombian Coffee production, trade, and export. Founded in 2019, they have a network of associates to offer production, export, trade, and product development services. They established a DTC brand during the pandemic to cater to cafes and at-home consumers. 


Their mission is to integrate the value chain and connect customers, buyers, and producers through an interactive digital platform that will enable them to Trade, Communicate and Educate.

Small and medium coffee producers don't have enough education on trade and a direct connection to consumers, leading to selling coffee crops at a loss.
Design Process
How Might We... 
Utilise a digital platform to integrate small to medium scale producers, enabling them access to wholesalers and DTC contacts across a network. 
By placing an importance on features and functionalities

Focusing on 4 key areas... 

Meet Josè

Introducing Jose, the persona chatbot specialist who will answer your questions using the multilingual feature, eliminating the friction for users coming to the Far More website.

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Prototype and Testing 

Producer Sara

"I like the presentation and layout of the images and video. Great use of colours and illustrations.."
Learnings to take away from this project

And what I could have been done differently.. 

Put the primary focus on one entry pathway rather than the producer and consumer. This would have given the team more time to solve a particular area within the objective and be closer to achieving the brief outlined by the client. 

I am pleased with the results I received from my client, coffee producer Sara, and my mentor on my performance and overall design concept. They enjoyed the gamified profile concept and the idea of having a persona chatbot to assist user’s as it was a clever idea.

Simplicity is strength. As a designer we often get lured by trendy or out-of-the-box designs, however, we must never forget the "WHY'S". The primary goal is to understand and empathize with the user, see and hear their problems and then come up with a design to solve for that.

I have enhanced myself in understanding the broad spectrum of design, thinking about the limitations, and asking the right questions.

UX/UI Designer in Sydney, Australia. 

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