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Apple Podcast 

Redesign challenge

Project overview

Apple Podcasts is home to the largest and most talked about collection of shows across all subjects. It is essentially audio Netflix that lets you discover free stories that entertain, inform, and inspire, ranging from entertainment, comedy, news and sports.

Apple builds everything around simplicity and reiterates it's duty to stimulate ease in the lives of its users through simplified and user-friendly technology.  As a brand they are dedicated to closing any gaps when it comes to the technology space - in areas such as learning and education. 


Podcast listeners are not enjoying the app as it lacks personalization and overall social engagement. 
Project goals
- Create an engaging platform to Inform, Educate and Inspire 
Create a loyal customer base
Established learning platform with social interaction 
Utilise technology to enhance experience 
Differentiate from our competitors through innovation 
Key focus areas
Understand how users interact within the app  
Discover the challenges or barriers within the app
Work to improve the features and functionalities
Create a better viewing and listening experience


User Interviews 
- The ability to engage in conversation on topics of interests 
- See events that take place around those topics 
- Be part of a community with like-minded indivduals and groups 
- Notifications to help stay engaged when life gets busy. Champions also need reminders 
- Ability to find more information surrounding key topics that support the users learning and career growth


Bringing together all the elements and interactions between pages, putting the user at the core of the design process, keeping in mind their considerations and awareness and therefore creating the ultimate viewing and listening experience

User testing and the final results..

I needed to validate the assumptions and so I began by mocking up the system using a set of  pre-built components in Figma which later resulted in user testing with external users using a functioning and clickable prototype on Figma.

I did this by pitting the current podcast app against my newly designed podcast and saw that 4 out of 5 participants preferred my redesign. Here are the results and quotes from users.

User Interface


All testing participants said that the app is very easy to navigate. One participant quoted "I can imagine connecting with like minded people and businesses and be part of a community supporting one another"


One quoted "I can easily share my favourite podcast to family and friends and create custom notifications so I don't miss a segment"

Testing participants really enjoyed the overall experience and say they would recommend it over the original Apple Podcast app. Quotes from participants "Wow, it looks like the real thing, I can imagine myself using this"

My learnings.. 
Following a design process is essential. You can often drift into designing for yourself but that isn't what we are here for. Following a process provides a roadmap to navigate through what we are unsure of or are new to.

UX/UI Designer in Sydney, Australia. 

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