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Hi, i'm Gheck :) 

I help startups launch better digital products. 

I believe that humanity is essential when it comes to creating solutions and connecting people through design.

I draw inspiration from those AH HAH moments in life to deliver memorable experiences that you will enjoy. As a UX designer who strives to identify and measure the tangible, there is something irresistible about those “AH HAH" moments. The beauty is very subjective – they show how software can elicit an emotional reaction.

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Featured Projects 

High Speed Train


Research, UX/UI, Prototyping, Testing 

Plan your trip based on station, stops, and delays in real-time data.


Research, UX/UI, Branding, Marketing, Testing 

A holistic approach to Fitness with body and mindset training. 

Case Studies

2020-12-18 (32).png

Apple Podcast

Research, UX/UI, Testing 

Mobile App redesign to deliver personalisation and social engagement. 

2021-01-25 (3).png

Far More

UX/UI, Branding, Testing

Colombian Coffee Production, Trade & Export.

UI Challenges

Branding, Design Systems, UI Library

Graphic design, Illustrations and Anitmations.

Mobile App Design


Research, UX/UI, Marketing, Testing

Impact-driven online marketplace that converts items & services into cash donations.

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